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Who We Are

UNO Premier is a dynamic marketing company that derived its innovative business model from a very long history and foundation of Leadership, Management and Entrepreneurial Vision. UNO Premier’s Mother Company, UNO, started its rising 9 years ago and blossomed throughout the network marketing Industry like rapid fire. It became a network marketing sensation and has created over a thousand Philippine millionaires in less than a decade's time and has expanded in over 100 offices across the country.


From the foundation of UNO comes the birth of UNO Premier! UNO Premier is specifically designed to engage the International Market and the like-minded middle class professionals as well as business owners in the micro, small and medium scale enterprises. These are the passionate individuals who are constantly exploring means and opportunities to increase their sources of income. By carefully putting together the essential building blocks of Products, Services, Marketing, Management and a powerhouse Compensation structure, UNO Premier is positioned to the top of the Elite and separates itself from the common traditional network marketing programs you see today. UNO Premier is poised as the next big International giant to create the next wave of millionaires.



To Build Practical Wealth-Creation Platforms For Ordinary People


The Company's objective is to be the world's leading provider of wealth creation opportunities. In this tough industry we will set a new pace in helping people achieve their goals and dreams. We will change the lives of thousands and bring people a peace of mind. We will become the #1 Network Marketing Company globally changing lives, creating time freedom, and the next wave of millionaires.


To Be The #1 Wealth-Building Opportunity Provider In The World

It’s not what is seen now, but what we foresee soon to come to pass, a company of greatness, who has touch the countless lives through our genuine Integrity, Leadership, Determination and Perseverance in confronting the many challenges up ahead. We envision that in every country in the world, UNO Premier has enabled and empowered a citizen to become a millionaire.

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